SourceExtract Regex copy and pasting

Hello, i am trying to make my code be able to copy a 6 digit code i received in a email. The code is 6 digits. I am trying to copy this code using regex and then go to another tab and paste the code. What I have right now is:

“Command”: “sourceSearch”,
“Target”: “regex=^[0-9]{6}", "Value": "match1_group1" }, { "Command": "sourceExtract", "Target": "regex=^[0-9]{6}@1,1”,
“Value”: “match1_group1”
“Command”: “echo”,
“Target”: “${match1_group1}”,
“Value”: “blue”

When running this it either says nomatch found or it says 0. And it says 0 if i take away the sourceextract and only leave the source search.
How can i fix this to where it copies the 6 digit number from the email then it allows me to paste that 6 digit code into another tab. (Doing this to pass email verfication on a website.)

Thanks for any help!

Does the regex itself work ok? You can test e. g. on Regex101.

And it says 0 if i take away the sourceextract and only leave the source search.

Strange, both commands should not influence each other.

If you can post some sample email source code (the input for the regex) here, I could test it.

the email im using is

the email im receiving and trying to extract the 6 digit code looks like this:

Hi Melissa,

Welcome to Firstrade! Please enter the code below to continue with your Firstrade account application:

Email Verification Code: 374066

Please note the code will expire in 30 minutes.

Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions.


Firstrade Securities

Please help me find out how to copy the code from temp email and then paste it. Thanks!

maybe i have the wrong source code. can you help me find how to get the regex source code from

Why do not use storetext ?

I regulary extract link activation and code activation in email without any problem andi do not use regex.

Because i have to use regex because the code is alawys chaning i run a loop and one time the code might be 352910 next time it might be 289109 its never the same and it runs in a constant loop.

In my opinion best solution is storetext i automate without problem activation link in email.

All activation link have dynamic content.

how do i make it select the activation code to store? If the activation code is never the same?

You can extract the message or line received and after cut the part you need with javascript function split or replace