Source view Json bug when go down or up (html5 and hard drive mode)

Hi @admin

I use firefox and ui vision 6.0.5 and i have a bug.

In ui vision gui (windows) If you swith to Source View (Json) and change macro, when you click on the source of macro and go down or up it not scroll macro code but change macro.

STEP TO REPRODUCE (Firefox + ui vision)

Switch in ui vision windows to Source View (Json) (you see macro code)
Change Macro (you see new macro code)
Click on macro code to set focus to edit macro code in Source View (Json)
Click Down Or Up (but it do not scroll macro code it change macro)

Often when I paste parts of code into macros with this error I ruined the code of other macros if you could fix it so that when I click in the macro code it scrolls the macro code and does not change macros.

In the video i clicked on macro code to edit and i clicked arrow down to scroll line but it change macro.


I confirmed this issue. It also happens in older versions and in Chrome. => We will improve this asap. Thanks for reporting it!

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Thanks @admin

I hope will be fixed for firefox

Fixed with V6.1.1, thanks for reporting the issue!

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