Some suggestions for UI Vision IDE

Pretty sure you are busy in many important stuffs.

I only share some suggestions, that at least for me, could enhance the UI Vision IDE, to make it even a greater software that it is. May be one or more could be consider as acceptable/good suggestions. I think I forgot for now some other suggestions, but here we go.

1- When a macro is running, executes only commands and not comments. I know a comment is not executed in any way, but currently when a macro is running, it passes over each line of code even if it is a comment and that avoid a faster code execution.

2- Show the if/elseif/else/end, while/end, etc statements with a more clear indent, since in nested blocks is moreeasy to get confused where begins and ends an if/end block. Maybe adding a dynamic highlight color for the active if/end, while/end block.

3- Add color (i.e blue) to some commands like if/elseif/else/end, while/end

4- Make the “Logs|Variables|Screenshots|CSV|Visual” window customizable/dockable in terms of location. For instance, the “Locals Windows” in Excel VBA interface can be moved to left, bottom, right. And its width/length is adjustable

5- Have the option to minimize/maximize the font of the macros panel and Table view panel to make more rows if the font is smaller.

6- Be able to export/import the commands in csv format.

7- Add shortcuts to the options in contextual menu

8- Have the ability to select multiple commands or macros (i.e. CTRL+rigth click) to make some operations like move to another folder or delete them in groups not one by one. For commands to make it easy to move/copy/delete a block of consecutive (or not) commands within the current or to move them to another macro.