Some internal processing error (Base64)


when using your free ocr api, I got the following error:

I’m using postman for testing.

Could you please help me with this?

This is what I’m sending:

As a first test, does your code work when you are not using BASE64? (instead use the URL or upload method)

Yep, this works fine.

Here is a test base64 string. The links open a text file in the browser. You can paste the content of this text file directly into the “base64image” field of Postman or e. g. the cURL command line. => Does it work with this string?

Using this string it did not work when pasting it in the raw-section and choosing Content-Type: application/json

However pasting it in the form-data-section works fine.

So I also tried this with the original string… and it works too.

I didn’t know that providing it as raw json does not work for this.

Thank you for helping out. I really appreciate.