Solving simple captcha on discord



I want to create a script that can solve this math captcha.
To start with… which command can i use to detect the text “Please enter the answer to the following problem”

I tried OCRSearch, Verify Text, SourceSearch, none worked.
And after detecting the text, add the firt digit to the second digit, and save the result into a variable.
And then insert the result variable on a text %verify “variable” and send it.

Is it possible???

Work to find the selector and then use JavaScript to solve. You can also OCR it but that is more fragile.


Isn’t there a way to make a script works like a Ctrl + F? To search for a word and highlights? It seems very basic… but i don’t know where to begin

I’m trying all sort of commands, and targets and values, trying different things, and none works

You can trigger this shortcut with XType | ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_F} - but how does this help with the task?