[Solved] XClick and XMove Not Working After the Latest Update

After the latest update, XClick and XMove will click or move to the wrong location when using an image as the target.
XModule finds the location of the image and square it with purple lines. Then it clicks the location outside of the purple square. Before the update, it clicks the center of the purple square.
Most of my macros stop working because of this issue. Please Help! Thank you.

The last update was end of February. We are not aware of any issues. => If you run the DemoXClick macro, does it work ok?

No it does’t work properly. Please see the screenshot above. The cursor should start drawing at the center of the purple square box. But now, it starts at the lower right corner.

Can you please test if V5.0 solves this issue?

Hi, Thank you for reaching back to me. The issue was solved after I uninstalled and then reinstalled Kantu. It could be something related to the cache or internal variables I guess.