[Solved] U.I. Vision Kantu 5.0.5 does not seem to work at all

I just tried using Kantu on chrome 75.0.3770.90 (Official Build) (64-bit), opened Kantu and clicked on Recording. Then I clicked around on the existing web application, but nothing is being recorded.

What am I doing wrong?

Can you please add a screencast of the issue? Maybe I can see then what is going wrong. Recording works fine in V5.0.5.

Question: Does recording fail with every website or “only” with your specific web app?

It seems to be the same for each website. When I open the app I see this:

so there is some content on the left (like DemoAutoFill, DemoCanvas, no idea what that is), and on the right there are also some things.

Clicking on ‘Record’ and then doing something on the webpage does not seem to change any content. I also do not see any possibility to ‘clear’ that stuff in the Kantu window.

And where are the recordings? How to create a new one? How to do something new’?

I find the UI is not usable at all. I have NO idea how to start. Bad usability.

I feel your pain. Went through this myself. You have to click the Blue + Macro button, give the macro a name then you can start recording macros. What you see listed are demo macros that are supposed to show you how to do certain things. They seem to assume that you will just know how to start using this program without any basic instruction. It does not get much better as you go. Basically you decide what you want to do, see if you can find a demo that sort of does what you want, try to figure out why it does not work then go to the forum and wait a week or so for a possible solution. very poor documentation.

@swatson I disagree. Docs are great. This software is not for blondies though. If you can’t figure that you need to create a new macro you probably should not use it anyways. Kantu demands programming skills. Doesn’t do anything without the brain work application. You can ask here if you are stuck, but you have got to learn how to turn the PC ON somewhere else.

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Thanks a lot for the help, it works now fine.

Docs are great? Where are they? What is wrong with some basic howto? When you learned to drive a car did you just know how? Did someone give you some basic instruction? If this is so great why so many posts with problems? I saw a post where just copying the clipboard did not work. If my car had this many problems I would request my money back. Then again it is only worth what you paid for it.

The UI.Vision core is open-source and free. Everyone is welcome to contribute, and this includes creating documentation. (And by posting in this forum, all of you already help, so thank you for that!)

In addition, for our PRO customers we offer support by email and for Enterprise users direct support is available by email, chat, phone and screen-sharing. This includes creating demo macros for specific tasks or websites at no additional cost.

I am closing this thread now, as this discussion does not lead to anything constructive.

With more than 50,000 active users, the documentation can not be that bad. On the other hand, I fully understand that it is far from perfect. That is what this forum is for:

:arrow_right: If a specific task or “howto” is unclear, please ask in the forum. Also, if you want to request a tutorial for a specific topic, please ask. We love and encourage critical feedback, but it has to be constructive.