[solved] Kantu 5.0.8 command selectWindow

I have problem after actualization.
Command selectWindow open url at least two cards.

Sample macro

  "Name": "test1",
  "CreationDate": "2019-7-3",
  "Commands": [
      "Command": "selectWindow",
      "Target": "tab=open",
      "Value": "https://ui.vision/x/download"
      "Command": "executeScript",
      "Target": "$('.button-section').css('background','green')",
      "Value": ""

I’ve reported it here on 5.0.5
Looks like it slipped through.

Yes your right
Kantu sometimes opened a few cards for me
But now it’s happening all the time.

To be fair… It only happened when open gave an ipc error. Read - on heavy sites or slower connections. Other times it worked and still works great for me.

Yep Kantu is awesome tool. Problem opening many carts it’s small compared too ipc connection bug.
It’s all right, only performance and loading two sites in the same time.

Strange. I see your video but I can not recreate it. The issue should be fixed with V5.0.8 and in our tests it works well. See here:

=> Can you please try on a different machine and/or in Firefox?

my home machine it’s all right
In work I used 32-bit win10 maybe this is problem or limit on RAM?

I try test it on Friday.

Direct link to my video <- https://youtu.be/qWq46glp1MQ

all it’s ok
i don’t uderstand reason problem. I restarted machine and clean cache.