Social media outreach (Twitter)

Hi everyone - I’ve been using UI Vision to automate outbound campaigns for clients but when it comes to Twitter, I’ve struggled to find a way to select the message input box.

I’m assuming it has to be an XClick as the input area is a div, (rather than an input or textarea), but I can’t make it work, whether via xpath or imagery.

Can you provide any info on how to troubleshoot? Is there a standard procedure for troubleshooting issues like this? Is anyone else doing this successfully?

I state that I don’t use Twitter therefore I’m not 100% sure but for almost all sites it is possible to detect additional xpaths (with external tools) that allow you to recognize web elements therefore it is very likely that there will be other xpaths that ui vision does not register but that they can recognize the textarea you’re talking about

If you use Xclick remember that with the free plan there is a limit of max 25 uses per macro of the Xclick/Xtype/Xmove commands after which you will need to purchase the license to continue using them

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