Slow XClick response time

Despite Kantu being set to fast, on my MacBook Pro Touchbar when running an XClick command to look for an icon on my desktop (Top Right) it takes about 3 seconds to find the image and click it. I have also made sure that Chrome is in the accessibility section of security.

Is there anything else I am missing that is keeping these performances slow? (Error logs cleared and set to error only also).

Thank you for your help.

I think 2-3 seconds is normal. XClick (image) runs an image search on the whole desktop, and MacBook screens are HiDPI screens => large images to search.

Solution: If you know that your icon is always in the top right area, you can limit the image search area. The smaller the search area, the faster XClick works.

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Thank you, this is helpful, I would have hoped though that with a faster machine that delay would drop.