Slow macro replay if used with "Pop-up as tab" extension

From our support desk: A user is using the Open link in same tab, pop-up as tab [Free] extension to catch popup-ups from a support ticket system as browser tabs. It is a nice idea, as this allows UI.Vision RPA software to automate it.

The drawback: This extension also catches the UI.Vision extension itself and runs it inside a tab :slight_smile: …but now, when the RPA tab is not in front, the macro replay is very slow.

The reason for this is that Chrome slows down Javascript on pages that are background. This is a feature/bug of Chrome. The result for UI.Vision means that a macro that might take 10 seconds to run in the foreground, might be 40-50 seconds when running inside a background tab.

Solution: Limit the scope of popup catcher extension to only the website(s) you need it to work on. This can be done in the Chrome settings for this extension: