Skipping Confirmation Box with ?direct=1 issues

Greetings! First, I want to say that I have read this post (and tried the suggestions within) and have checked out the command line docs

I am still having issues when adding ?direct=1 to the “Add Arguments” section within Windows Task Scheduler.

When I run the task scheduler, this is what populates in chrome file:///C:/Users/myname/Downloads/quote_data.html%3Fdirect=1

And I get this error “ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND”

Access to file URLs is enabled withing extension settings.

I also read “
and am using v4.0.1 as suggested.

I am able to run the macro via the bookmark option.

Any other help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Try pasting the following in a new file:

Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")

objShell.Run "chrome" & " file:///C:\Users\myname\Downloads\quote_data.html&direct=1"
  Set objShell = Nothing

Save it in a folder of your choosing and name it, for instance:


Now point Task Scheduler to launch this script instead.

Let me know how you get on; I’m interested to see if you have any additional problems running from the commandline beyond launching Kantu.

Good luck

The problem is that the ? was converted to %3F - but I am not sure how to fix it. Seeing the complete string in the box might help.

I agree with @TheWhippinpost - better call a batch file, VBS or Powershell script from the task scheduler. It gives you better control for debugging and error handling.

Some good templates are here:

Here is the full string.


Reading through the replies here realizing I am so far out of my element it’s not even funny!

This seems to work except I changed the &direct=1 to ?direct=1.

Assuming if I want to add the other command lines I should just be able to add to the path using “&”?

Thank you very much!

Yes, that’s right.

(apparently I have to write at least 20 characters so that’s why this is here :D)