Simulating enter key in a complex page

I have searched a lot of places including this forum for this issue. I saw a few posts where you were asking the question authors to share examples of sites where the “sendKeys” is not working. However I dint see anyone posting that level of detail for you to test it out.

I am part of an IT consultant company trying to automate my daily routine monitoring activity via “Kantu for Chrome”. I have reached a similar roadblock and would like to see if you can help!

Note that the page which I am trying to automate is a Proprietary SAP tool and I am unable to provide you access to it as its part of a secured corporate network. However I will try to share whatever I can see in the source code that may help and screenshots too.

I have a page where I need to type a text and press enter key (no submit button). The usual sendKeys operation is not working.

  "Command": "sendKeys",
  "Target": "id=CEPJICNKDKEC.TableView.ALVTable:2147483635",
  "Value": "${KEY_ENTER}"

Not sure if the below details from the source code might help.

<html data-sap-ls-system-useragent="WEBKIT537.36" data-sap-ls-system-device="standards" data-sap-ls-system-platform="WINDOWS" data-sap-ls-system-isrtl="false" lang="en-US">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8">

Snapshot of the page also provided for reference. Kindly help.

Ah, SAP :slight_smile: …our office around the corner from the SAP buildings :slight_smile:

The classic, DOM-based Selenium IDE sendkey command fails for complex websites, like the SAP spreadsheet in your screenshot. You will see the same problem e. g. with Google Sheets.

I see that you asked about SeeShell in another post, so you are already on the right track: Simulating real mouse clicks and real keystrokes works well for SAP automation.

The good news is that soon we will release an XMouse addon for Kantu that allows you to do exactly that - send real mouse clicks and real keystrokes to the website under test.