Simulate "pressing enter button"

Im stuck on the “final step”…
everything was working properly on yahoo finance. But i switched to a new screener and am stuck. The macro takes a line from the CSV and pastes it into the search bar.

When I previously tested it, there was a submit button that I was able to click to go to the ticker site. With this new website, there is no submit button to click

so this is on a website, not the desktop. Im running linux, and tried on chrome and firefox, and have tried sendkeys, type, Xtype with target: ${KEY_ENTER}

it shows up on the log, but not actually “pressing enter” and loading the ticker page.

can you point me in right direction?

thanks in advance

Edit. In Chrome, I was able to add

Bringbrowsertoforeground target :“true”
Before the xtype:"${KEY_ENTER}

Which worked.

But is there another better solution where I wouldn’t need to xtype over 25 times?