Simulate fake fingerprint

Hello ! I am looking for help please . I want to simulate fingerprint so to not been tracked . I tried some extensions of firefox , and some of them works but there is a problem . For example for simulating the Canvas fingerprint , all extensions while they can replace the fingerprint by a fake one , however all spoofed fingerprints are detectable that are fake (not original).
I mean there are some webpages where you can test if your extension changed your fingerprint . For example here Test-canvas-fingerprint .
But if you try it by any extension, then on results on first line where it says “Is browser canvas fingerprint spoofed” says “True” (is spoofed) .This is not good news. A not detectable spoofed fingerprint should give result “False” there.
So i tried to find another way , (maybe to change the data on machine level and not to browser level ? still i dont know) but i found this Puppeteer-fingerprint-simulation . Still i dont know how exactly works , but i see using Javascript (!) so i thought if maybe UI vision has a way or integrated commands to avoid fingerprint tracks or to create spoofed fingerprints ? Or if not possible , does anyone knows any good way of how we can create a spoofed fiingerprints which will not be detectable ? I appreciate any help or info ! Thank you !!

This is NOT a ui vision question, ui vision can not do this

Yes this is not UI.Vision but you can do what you want like this:


privacy.resistFingerprinting - true

Who cares if it shows as spoofed, it’s random so it’s doing what it’s suppposed to do - hiding your fingerprint.
Expect some sites to break though.

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Yes its not UI vision but is not out of scope of UI vision . I think it will be very useful if in future can be integrated some commands.
Yes i tried resistfingrerprinting but is detected.I am not allowed to explain why and who cares when is detected but trust me .To not be detected is the best.

There is a large amount of addond to spoof your browser, I suggest to use firefox because have more addons to do this job

Hi :slight_smile: .Yes i tested all .Currently there is not extension which spoof all the methods .Or if spoof, finally they can not stay undetected for some methods .Thanks anyway mate :wink:

Do you know what it triggering the false result?

Have you tried changing IP address? Your UA?

Hi and thanks for reply :slight_smile: .All these days i make many tests and try different methods.Finally the problem (for canvas test on first link i gave “webbrowsertools” ) is on the page side and not on the extension side. I mean today i tested the first link on different devices and i see on all devices i take the same fingeprint ID ! So the page is not trusted to test your spoof. I mean the second and third ID is real but do not trust the first ID because is same for all visitors ! :smiley:
About other methods, because there are too many , still i testing .Maybe will be a solution .However if UI can integrate any commands for spoofing , it will be great .I dont know if this can be done , but maybe needs a big work.Thank you for your replies ! :smiley:

Hello, you’ve still not told me if you know what triggered the false result, or if you’ve tried changing IP or spoofing your UA.

Fingerprinting might hold for a session time, or number of page requests. That detection may be “fooled” by changing one of those properties. For this you might rotate through random IP addresses, for example. There are services you could use for this.

I believe there are extensions for spoofing your UA. To use you might have to use X-Click in UI.Vision.