Simple storeAttribute or storeText?

I want to get the text from this xpath:

There are two text nodes under p: text()[1] = $1,000 which is the value I want, and text()[2] = /mo

When I use storeText I get this stored “$1,000/mo” with quotations because of the line break.

Is there a way for me to just get text()[1] (without splitting with execute javascript sandbox)? If I can’t get it with storeText can I get it with storeAttribute?

I used a conditional like //*text[1][contains(.,"$")] and it found the 1,000/mo And when I changed the above //*text[2][contains(.,"")] it did not return anything.
So I know the filtering on specific text nodes is functioning. But I can’t get storeText or storeAttribute to store and output a specific text node - it either pulls in all the text or none of it

I don’t know why the dollar sign ‘$’ is not showing up in the second contains expression above…

Why you can not use split function ?

Add split o replace command and you solve your problem

I don’t want to use split because it makes it longer. There is a way to reference different text nodes in xpath using text()[1], [2], … [n] but I can’t get it to return a specific node using storeText. It will only return the array of text nodes as a string it seems, if there are multiple nodes

Try this but it’s very complicates and you risk to need more and more time to do this simple work sourceextract sourcesearch