Simple PS script

Hello folks,

I’m in the need of your great minds once again,
I want to run two scripts, they are both on the same directory.
I’ve exported them both as autorun HTML files

But when I tried to use the Github example I got lost.

I don’t need any log file or other clutter
In addition, I don’t understand what should I put in the $path_autorun_html parameter.
I have 2 HTML files, with different name.

Thanks in advance

Start using ui vision RPA, after you think to powershell script.

Before study ui vision RPA, after you can study powershell or other command line.

Powersheel script is used to run macro via command line but there are others solution to do this i prefer batch files because is more easy to edit.

If you want to use a script it uses the log file to see that the macro is complete. Do you just want a simple run macro 1 then run macro 2?

maybe I’m doing something wrong, but when I use a BAT file, it does not wait until the first macro will be finished

Oh, I didn’t knew that the PS uses the log to wait for completion.

I need to run macro 1 N times, then macro 2.
(I will set N in the PS script, it’s not a use input.)

If all you need to do is run two macros, why don’t you just put at the end of the 1st macro run | My2ndMacro? The function is already built-in and the timings will be perfect.

Run a test case via command line and after one macro finish start the next, simple and easy run multiple macro in this mode with a simple batch file, after first macro finish start the second.

Copy all macro inside a folder, after run test case and all macro inside the folder will be executed.

Powershell is a slow and difficult solution to manage macros because require Powershell installed (is not portable) after require to edit a long code, with a simple batch file 2 lines you can run unlimited macro.