Similar document layouts but receive different results

So we are experiencing getting different LineText and Word pairs when trying to scan different documents with identical layouts. Some texts are missing and some dates are broken in 2.

And example could be a date like ‘11.08.2021’ is broken up into LineText ‘1 1.08.2021’ while a date at the exact same position in another document is not broken up into words like ‘18.06.2021’

We would really like to be able to get the same results for the same document layouts if possible.

Hi, do you have some test documents for us?

I am currently responding with Ann via support email. I’ve just attached some test documents on the email thread.

I think I’ll be moving the conversation to mail for now. Thanks.

Maybe can you check and follow up with this case?

I haven’t received a case number and it seems I have been ghosted on the email conversation. Haven’t heard of any progress or acceptance of the issue or anything.

Just want to make sure something is happening and that this issue is not stalled. We are in the middle of project development that use this and are kind of locked until we get a confirm.