Shortcut (fast way) to start, pause, resume, stop current macro in execution

Hi @admin
I suggest adding a quick solution to start, pause, resume and stop a macro (current macro) avoiding it being mandatory every time to reopen the ui vision gui window and manually click the buttons.
During desktop automation it is inconvenient to reopen the ui vision window to click the play, pause, resume, stop buttons, a quick solution would be much easier to avoid reopening the ui vision window each time to click the buttons, thanks

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Ok, I agree. => We added it to our todo list.


Many thanks for feature

Related feature request: I would like to be able to step through a script starting at any step in the script. I want to click on a step/command and press step for it to start from there and continue on with each subsequent step button click. Currently, when I press on the step button, it always starts from the beginning of the script. It’s not helpful if you have a long script. I know some things probably need to always start from the beginning for setting variables that may need to be set etc., however, there are steps that should be able to run from any point in the script. Thank you.