Several XClicks in a row with waiting

my question is how to do several (desktop) XClicks in a row, where some waiting is necessary between the clicks. This is my simple exampel script:

(1) XClick pic1.png #doubleclick (I use doubleclick because single click does not work)
(2) pause 100
(3) XClick pic2.png

Step (1) starts an excel document. That needs some time (about 5 seconds), therefor I tried a simple “pause” command to wait until the next command (step 3) starts. But “pause” seems not to be appropriate in this situation, as it does not help. Step 3 should click a button that pops up after the excel document has been started. But step 3 does not work (nothing happens).

In the selenium reference I saw the command “waitForVisible” and thought that I would need something like that, but how to manage this with XClick?

Thanks for help.

Pause 1 second is 1000 not 100 add a big number for pause command

10 seconds of pause
pause | 10000