Several errors after install

Hi all,

I just installed Kantu and had high hopes for it, however after 20mins of not getting anything to work I am confused.

I need a macro to automate a lengthy process in a web app I use every day. So I opened Kantu, recorded a new macro which seemed to work fine, however when I go to play it back I only get errors.

I am often seeing the error “Error #101: Kantu is not connected to a browser tab”. It seems to be connected as it displays the correct tab title in its own title bar. However when clicking run, I just get the error.

Occasionally, it would run, however it would fail on the first click command, “DOM not found”. Strange considering that it populated the commands itself from the record.

Any help? I’m new to Kantu, but been in web dev for 5+ years.


As a test, if you get this error, do all macros fail? (even a macro like the simple DemoAutofill that ships with Kantu)?

Is this in Firefox or Chrome?

I get this error once in a while. Usually it is because I closed the Chrome browser by mistake. But I guess it is something else in your case.

Its in Chrome. The demo macro continues to work fine.

Can you share the URL of the website? If needed, you can also email it to us directly: team AT

It’s a localhost site. Anything else I can try for debugging it?