Setting SearchImageInWholePage

I’ve tried to set the variable SearchImageInWholePage to true (using SeeShell Community edition, but still inside the 30 day trial period) and the follow error message is shown to me:

‘Full page screenshots are available in the KantuX PRO Edition. In the Community Edition please use the SCROLL command instead.’
This is typically followed by SeeShell not responding after this appears.
Does this mean I will be able to use this in the SeeShell Pro edition, eliminating the use for using SCROLL and having to guess the number of scrolls required to find an image?
Thanks very much!

Yes! The SeeShell Browser PRO Edition supports full page image searches with the upcoming September update.

The (only) drawback this method has is that it is slower, especially for very long pages. The reason for this is that SeeShell creates the full page screenshot by stitching viewport screenshots together, and then searching it. This is a limitation of the Chromium engine that we use. For the same reason Chrome screenshot extensions create full page screenshots by stitching the image together, see for example Full Page Screen Capture or captureEntirePageScreenshot from Kantu.

I take this statement back. After testing the latest beta and its improvements I have to say that full page screenshots do not take significantly more time than viewport screenshots :smiley: