Sending file path to file open dialog

  1. I need to enter the path to a file that I want to open into a Windows File Open dialog
  2. The file open dialog is opened by from a chrome browser window
  3. How do I switch context to the File > Open window and send keystrokes that represents the file path into it?
  4. I tried switching to XDesktopAutomation without luck
  5. I also tried XType and XClickRelative without luck


You can run every files you want with this code, i tried and working

You can run bat file or other different type of files in windows.

I want to open a file and need to send keystrokes that represents the file path.

I am not trying to run a file.

What is the difference between open a file and run a file ?

In windows is the same thing, i run a txt file and it will be open by notepad.