Selenium IDE if element exists

How to make a check Selenium IDE if element exists? The goal is to tell the IDE to execute certain commands only if a specific element exists on the page. I found the if element exists quite useful for my web app testing scripts.

I used Selenium IDE 3 (the “new” Selenium IDE) before, and there you can do it with store xpath count. The same method works in the Ui.Vision IDE, but I wonder if there is an even better way?

I use an alternative solution i make a click on the element and i check the statukOk to know id the element is found.

Using !StatusOK + verify element present was the solution.

I found a good demo here:

This example uses waitforvisible but the same works with verify element present

This method is much easier to use to check that an element exits. It is a great alternative to the cumbersome Selenium IDE 3 storexpathcount method :slight_smile: