selectWindow two space bug

Hi selectWindow | title= has a bug that if a webpages title has two spaces anywhere in the title it fails.

Can be tested on any website inspect element and add two spaces. Example below.

Go to google
edit title to to have two spaces
Google Test

run this
selectWindow | title=Google Test

for some reason this forums formatting is removing the Two spaces in the example please add two spaces in the middle of google and test for the error to work

I confirmed the issue, but it seems Chrome is removing the double spaces in the title? If I add 3 spaces, selectWindow still finds it when I use just one space. Or do I see this wrong?


Test page was:

Thanks for checking, yes you are correct I tested your findings and chrome is removing the two spaces itself like you say.

So I guess this is a chrome issue/website developer issue. Unsure if there’s anything the team can do but the work around below can be used for anyone else having this issue.

Workaround would be if website title has two or more spaces edit your selectwindow and remove all but one space and it will work correctly.

Thanks for reporting this. Indeed, it seems to be a Chrome issue. The title always has only one space, even so in the page source code <title>...</title> tag it might have 20 spaces. So for now, I marked your workaround as solution.