selectWindow tab=open doesn't always open new tab

I’ve had this issue for a while. I have a script that should open 5 tabs but while opening the 3rd tab it will use the 2nd tab.

The process should be:
open new tab to url
log in
(repeat 5 total times with different urls).

With another script, I opened a tab, log in, close the tab. Opened another tab, log in, close the tab and after 8 hours I would have less tabs than when I start.

I manually open 8 new tabs (control + n). Script plays over night. I look at tabs in the morning and see 2 new tabs.

Yeah. completely disregard this one. After going through the macro’s I noticed I copied an Open target instead of a selectWindow.

Honestly though, why can’t Open tab=open work just like seelctWindow?

Hi, do you have a test case for us? Or a video that shows the issue?

i made an edit.

i copied an Open target thinking it was selectWindow.

would be nice if Open could also be used for tab=open.

So the issue is solved?

yes! it’s solved. now i type in 20 characters or something.