Selecting the matching option


I would like to do something as presented in this video below with Kantu:
e.g: paste the text into the input then click on the exact option within the select input.

One problem is the select input work with dynamic ID.

How can I get this thing done?

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I decided to remove the video for some reason.

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Thanks for the screencast! To select the value from the dynamic dropdown I recommend that you use XClick:

  • XClick | image of text
  • or (most flexible) XClick | ocr=text

So in your case the 3rd option with text recognition would be XClick | ocr=Informatique


Now it is easy to select a matching option. Nice screencast. Thanks for this.

Thanks for your answer, awesome support!

Just OCR get confuse because there is two “Informatique”. How do I ask OCR to pick the one in the dropdown?

Thanks so much again. Kantu is incredible!

To click the X-th occurrence of a text string, use XClick | ocr=text@pos=X. The occurrences are counted from top left to bottom right.

See here:

Another option would be to restrict the visual search area.

It works, thanks so much!

Thanks for your honorable response guys I am happy so much here.

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