Select Window Issues (pop-up in Chrome)

Hey all, having trouble with a pop-up requesting defining criteria. It pops open a new window and after confirming the criteria and clicking the run button, it automatically closes the pop-up and returns to the previous window but no code runs from that point as I get the “[error] no play tab found” message. Any help with handling New Window issues would be greatly appreciated. I can’t use SeeShell in my environment without getting some admin approval which is off the table. :confused:

On tab 0, click Button X to define which form will generate.
Button X opens Pop-up Window 1.
In Pop-up Window 1, select the appropriate form and clicking “Update” button
This action closes the Pop-up Window 1 and updates Tab 0 with the correct form template needed.
Tab 1 appears to be active and no additional macros run at this point forward.

Can you switch to tab 0 with selectWindow TAB=0?

If that does not work, a screenshot or screencast would be helpful.

selectwindow Tab=0 is what I’m trying to use. That’s when I get the error.

what happens is the page has an img “//*[@id=“desText”]/a/img”
when I click the image it runs “javascript:selectAssessment()” which pops open a new window to select the assessment.