Select Not recognized By Label (the same select was recognized by Katalon)


Today during a test i find a strange case of select NOT recognized by label=value.

I tried with katalon too that is very similar to Kantu and this time Katalon detect the label of this select…

to choice first select “10.000 Euro” and second select “Medico convenzionato”

Kantu code
select | id=importo | label=o
click | xpath=//[@id=“importo”]/option[11]
select | id=prof | label=o
click | xpath=//

Katalon code
select | id=importo | label=10.000 Euro
select | id=prof | label=Medico convenzionato

Why Kantu fail to detect select values by label and recorded label=o ?

If the admin need the url for privacy I prefer to send it in private.

I think that Kantu do not recognize correctly the label with space.

It’s very strange that Kantu do not recognize select by label and use the xpath, and it’s very strange that katalon recognize these select without any problem.

If the admin need the url i can provide it in private, this is is not mine and prefer not share it, i try only the select with Kantu Recorder.

Have a nice day

Hi, please email the URL to us.

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Hi @admin

I sent an e-mail with the codes of the two macros, I hope we can understand why kantu does not correctly recognize the labels in the selection on this site.

This is the first time a similar case has happened to me and the strange thing is that Katalon is able to correctly register the selected labels.

As I wrote to you, I prefer to keep the site URL private as it is not my property and I only used it to test some select without sending data.

Let me know if you received emails I sent you.

Thank you have a nice day

“Received” => we will be looking into it asap.


I add a little solution, I read selenium Ide document to find this command.

When a select (html select) do not recognize the label (visible content in the select) it’s possible to try this 2 alternatives:

1 alternative:
select | id=AAA | index=1
select | id=AAA | index=2
select | id=AAA | index=3
select | id=AAA | index=4

The number is the number of element in the select, it’s more easy to write respect Xpath

2 alternative:
select | id=AAA | value=YYY
select | id=AAA | value=GGG
select | id=AAA | value=EEE
select | id=AAA | value=AAA

Value read the value inside the select, this value is not visibile in the select but can recognize a choice in the select when label is not detect.

The label is the way more easy because is the text visibile in the select but in rare case it’s not recorder it’s possible to use these alternatives.

Have a nice day