Select multiple csv files for delete in CSV tab

I have a macro that creates a recovery CSV file in case of a macro crash, computer crash or intentional computer shutdown while the macro is still running. When the macro first runs, if it finds a recovery.csv file, it renames it with the current date as part of the filename.
After a few crashes / intentional shutdowns / weeks, the list of csv files can get quite long. It’s a pain to delete them one by one so a way of selecting multiples for deletion would be great :slight_smile:

you could use batch scripting for this
and with the macro just xrun | batchscript.bat |

Thanks for the suggestion, @trexem - I’m not just thinking of me, I’m also thinking of my users. The simpler the better for them :wink:

Do you use the hard-drive mode? If so, the files are normal text files and can be deleted with any file manager.

No I don’t and neither do my users but thanks for the suggestion, @Plankton :slight_smile:

Hard-drive mode supports unlimited CSV files, even in the free version (just saying it).

But I understand that it is an additional installation step that your users might not want to do.

Hi, I agree that the ability to select and delete several CSV files at once would be nice to have. The same is true for the computer vision search images in the image tab.

This item is already on our todo list.

In addition to using hard-drive, another workaround I can think of is to create a small robotic desktop automation macro to delete all CSV files:

CSV delete demo: First I run a macro to delete 10 csv files, then another macro to delete all CSV files.

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