Select Items from scrollable, Multi-Pages List

Hi! Newbie question, but this is vital to decide if UI.Vision is suitable for our use-case. :laughing:

I got this browser layout. As you can see, the list has to be scrolled to see all entries. In addition, there are multiple pages; 200 lines per page, 750 lines in total. The total number will vary.
The “simple” task is to doubleclick all lines. I’d be thankful for any hints. I did not find a similar case in the tutorials and in this forum.
Thank you for your help!

That is an interesting use case. The first question I have is why does it need to be double-clicked? What happens after that?

Hi Ulrich,
It opens a new Tab with detailed data I want to scrap. I can already handle the scraping. It’s just the process of clicking all lines that I can’t figure out.