Select date range - very new to Kantu and JS

Where to start?
Using this site as an example Xymon - Metrics Report
I need to select a date range, server name and metric. This then creates a page with dynamic images that I will capture and save to disk.
This page creates a url for the next page.

This is the only page I need to go to .

I want to build the url from user input of date start and end.
How to do this with Kantu or should I even use Kantu?

  1. Get dates from user. Kantu only has ‘prompt’ to ask for user input. How would I either display a date picker and capture values or handle the result within kantu if manually entered?
    If done as a javascript where to put the resources as at this point there is no web page for Kantu to be using.

  2. build the url from the date variables and csv list of servers.

  3. Capture the images and save to disk.

After this I will then be filling in forms on a different website and uploading the images to the form.


Where do you want to get the date information from? From the user that runs the macro? Or from a CSV file?

Sorry for the delay. From the user that runs the macro. Normally will be last month but may also be a 3 month period.