Select database from different columns ore dropdown

Hi, guys,

I am completely new in the field and of course I am reaching my limits right away.

We do recurring webinars with WebinaGeek and I want to automate the extraction of individual data.

This works quite well so far, but I have different dates and times, which I can either select from a drop down or from a column view.

I’m sorry, because the problem has been described 1000 times, but I can’t find the right approach, and I’m asking for help!

So my question is, how do I create an individual date-related selection via a drop-down menu, or even via the web column view?

“Command”: “click”,
“Target”: “xpath=//*[@id=“episode-reports-header”]/div[1]/table/tbody/tr/td[2]”,
“Value”: “”

thanks for Help
Manfred :v:

Most dropdowns can be selected with index=1 , index=2 , etc if the dropdown is static. If it’s say a changing date, you can use executeScript_Sandbox to put your calculated date into a variable and then select with that label=${myvar} for example

Thanks for youre answer!

But i do not understand …
Then how do I enter the desired date?

I am unfortunately not yet familiar with the logic … :thinking:

Post url page please otherwise it’s impossible to help you

Hi this for excample is the Link to one Eventstatistik. The /531910 is the link to the date.

next Event

thanks for helping me !!!

The page require an account to login i can not see the page with the select.

To automate hard select you can use keyboard emulation with

I can not see the page to try but with keyboard emulation you can activate every select

You must before set the focus on the element (on the select) with Xclick

After you have the focus on the select you can move the select with Xtype (keyboard emulation)

Hi Kantu,

thanks 4 the answer … the pics start to be clearer … :slight_smile:
But with the Xtype i just can say klick to te 8th Event ore one more ore so … ist this wright?
What i need is to select a date, so fore excemple, <the next event from now + all of the following events>,
because we have a Guestlist there whisch i have to share with my team …
Is it maybe possible to make a Zoomcall with you, then a can show you my desktop and im shoure you can bring me on the wright way easaly.

4 excample today 20:30 ?

in any case, many thanks for the Support !!!

Post some images please with the select i need to see it and i need to access to the page to try some macro code to automate.

Or write here the way to access to the page to see the select and try some macro code.

Without see the page it’s impossible to find a good solution

PM :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

unfortunately I still haven’t made it, so I’m going to make another attempt with the request for help …

I would like to select the next event from the current moment from a drop down field or the table.

The data is always changing and so it must be a dynamic query.

A link to the event looks like this …
the next…

and so on …
The webinar is clearly deffined with the /51512/, it’s no problem to get there, but when asking for the next event I would need to know yours …


can you please explain this a little bit more detailed based on my description ?

kind regards

In my opinion this is an hard work to automate.

These select seems ajax type select and usually ui vision can not record it, need advanced command to automate this cases (like desktop automation).

In my opinion it’s very hard and require more times to find a good solution.