Select, copy and paste in Salesforce

Hi there, I love the software, however I have some troubles setting it up correctly.

I am trying to automate some salesforce operations, one of which is selecting the name of the salesman, copying it and pasting into another field. I have found out that keyboard shortcuts and right mouse clicks are not being recognized since it is windows interface and not the webrowsers.

I have tried to use !clipboard variable with the type command but it was just typing !clipboard instead of pasting my actual clipboard.

Please advise if it is possibile to do the following:

  1. selecting a text (sales person name)
  2. copying it
  3. pasting it into another field.

I would be grateful if someone could explain how to do so, what commands to select in order to do the above.

I am also wondering if it is possible to select a today’s date only if the current one is from the past, i.e. kantu should select today’s date if the one provided is 01.01.2017. if it is possible, what commands should be used?

Your help is appreciated.


I want to have some operations repeated on every open tab (each website is the same but with different data), I have found a variable “tab=${!LOOP}” and it works but not quite as expected. It does the loop on two first tabs, skips the third and goes to the 4th where it is performing the script for few times and then stops with the error. Below is the screenshot. Please advise hot to amend this so the operation from the ss can be repeated on every opened tab.

This is doable!

  1. selecting a text (sales person name)
  2. copying it

Kantu (and browser extensions in general) can not send a “Ctrl+A” and “Ctrl+C” click to a website. But you can achieve the same result by “scraping” (extracting) the value from the field.

  • if it is simple text on the website, use storeText => puts the text in a variable
  • but if it is text in an input field, use storeValue => puts the text in a variable, e. g. storeValue | id=yourOLDfield | ${VarWithText}
  1. pasting it into another field.

Now that you have the value (text) in a variable you can use the type command to insert it into a new field.

Type | id=yourNEWfield | ${VarWithText}

In other words, no “copy and paste” is required :grinning:.

By the way: As you found out, the !clipboard variable itself is used by Kantu to get/send text to the computers clipboard. Alas, it does not help here as the “Ctrl+A” and “Ctrl+C” part does not work, to the clipboard never has the values you want.

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I am not sure I understand the issue yet. Is this a date control or simply an input box for the date? Maybe a screenshot can clarify this. But to keep each topic separate, can you please make a separate, new post for this topic? (so one forum thread has only one topic).

thank you, it works perfectly!