Select a exact folder using ocr

in, I want it to find the folder which is named as

14337_12, using ocr… or is there any other way to find it. I have tried
using OCR but it didn’t work will you please let me know how to achieve it.

You could try to type the full path, that’s what I do when i have to save a file in a specific folder and the “Save As” window appears.

can you show the example code please because i have tried but it does n’t worked for me. will you please share your code and thankyou for your reply sir

What I do is to click the path section a4cmcu_dpi_96 with a XClick or XClickRelative
and then just simply use the XType with the full path

Why not? If the OCR quality was the problem, engine2 works usually better for number OCR and characters like _ underscore.


Line 6: no match found for ‘ocr=[14337_110.apk]’
it is throwing the same error even after using the ocr engine 2
But Xtype is working perfectly thanks for your answer.

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I have an another doubt regarding the usage of data in csv

i want to use this data in my but i am unable to use the data in each row. can you suggest me about how to access this data please

you can use the csvReadArray and then work with a While to loop for each row