SeeShell Web Browser to Search 9 pages of PDF for Text

So i’ve seen and played with the Demo of SeeShell Web Browser for looking for an image on a 1 PAGE PDF but is it possible to look for that same image if it’s on Page 9 say?

I’ve tried to create a macro that can do that but SeeShell tells me it can find it.

Any Suggestions?

This is tricky. With SeeShell PRO, you can use the API to create a loop (e. g. in Powershell, Python or VBA/VBS) that searches for the image, then sends a {PGDN} keystroke to scroll to the next page of the PDF and then searches again… until the image/text is found or the end of the document is reached.

In the SeeShell Community Edition I see no good solution for this at the moment. That said, automatic scrolling is on our todo list, and once available, this will solve this task in a very elegant way in all SeeShell editions.

thanks for that. It looks like I’ll have to use the find button in acrobat or another PDF app. Or Wait patientaly for Automatic Scrolling… any ETA? Thanks.



I think that is good idea! SeeShell can do this. I just did a quick test with Acrobat reader. You open the PDF with it, then send ClickAndType {^F} which opens the search window, and you can enter the text + {ENTER}. Then wait for the result window.

Automatic scrolling is planned for the September update.

great, I’ll play with this until september

Hi All, Is the Automatic Scroll now part of the recent Visual Update?


The SeeShell September update is not yet released. (We updated Kantu last week, but this is unrelated)