Second time Open to same URL results in no load event timeout

I think my problem is related or the same as:

“[Recreator Required] COMMAND OPEN KANTU” at

I am hoping to give more information about this by means of this post.

The very first use of Open works fine. The succeeding uses to the same target URL result in the “no load event timeout”. However, I overcome this problem by setting !error ignore to true. The page does load. But seems that we don’t get a page load even from Firefox (the browser I’m using). Could it be that a cached page does not generate a page load event?

In any case, it is not stopping my script from working because I set !errorignore to true before Open, and then set it back to false after.

I’m about to try selectWindow instead of Open. selectWindow did not give me the page load timeout when I used it in other scripts.

Is Open maybe not recommended for in the middle of a script? Maybe Open is mainly to give the script its starting point?