Searching webpages for specific values

Hello, i am looking for a simple way to search through thousands of web pages, specifically looking for a value that is greater than zero and if it finds that echos with text showing the value, otherwise it keeps searching. The only other thing is there are about 100 results per page so if it does not find a value greater than zero I would then need it to automatically click to the next page to repeat until all pages have been searched. I have provided a simple example below. Is there a good way to so this? If so, this would save me and my staff a ton of time and maybe one less intern! Thanks in advance.

So here I would be looking for the $100 & $50 values. Once found Next> would automatically be selected and the process repeated.

Invoice #100 $0
Invoice #101 $0
Invoice #102 $0
Invoice #103 $100
Invoice #104 $50
Invoice #105 $0
Invoice #106 $0

sourceSearch is a good starting point