Search strings in Web Page

I triing to use SourceSearch to find strings in a web page, I want to find some names and I triing with the below code:

“Command”: “sourceSearch”,
“Target”: “regex=/Juan Escobar/match_name”,
“Value”: “match_name”,
“Description”: “Find Name to delete in the list”
“Command”: “echo”,
“Target”: “match_name=${match_name}”,
“Value”: “green”,
“Description”: “”

Always I have match_name=0

  • [info]

Executing: | sourceSearch | regex=/Juan Escobar/match_name | match_name |

  • [info]

Executing: | echo | match_name=${match_name} | green |

  • [echo]


What am I doing bad?

Thanks for advanced!

try using store text

after reading this it might help a little
`[Locators and Selectors in Selenium IDE 2020 - Tutorial]