Search specific text and click on it

Hi team,

im quite new to Kantu, so please excuse maybe a stupid question. Im trying to build a short script, that will open a series of URL from a CSV file. For each URL, the script must search for a specific keyword ( a file name like test.pdf) that is also in the same CSV file (column A keywork, column B URL) and click on it ( will download test.csv file) or just save the file.
Please give me a hit on how i should do this. The reading of CSV and the iterations are done, i`m having difficulties on finding the specific text and click on it.



This is a scraper from search engines, you can do it with ui vision rpa but you must study the docs.

To do this you must know more commands (csvread, csvsave, csvline, click, type, statusok, and more) of ui vision otherwise it’s impossible to create this and need more times a similar work.

To create a good scraper and test it need more hours of work, need to check bugs and errors too.

Read docs study command and after you can create it.