Scroll to next instance of button

I have a long page (not dynamic, fully loaded, but LONNNNNG, so long that a screenshot for OCR would be unwieldy) that has a number of specific items that need to be clicked. Each item is consistently a few pixels above a specific button. I know how to use XClickRelative to click on the item based on its proximity to the button. But how can I scroll down to the next instance of that button, so the next item can be clicked? Once I have that figured out, I can loop it, because I know how many instances there are… just not how to find the next one. I hope that makes sense.

Can you please post an example screenshot?

Thanks, I have to keep it private. I’ll figure something out.

You can, of course, blur or cover everything in the screenshot except the buttons. The goal is to get an idea of the page layout.

Also, have a look at XClickRelative | image_dpi_96.png@0.75#3

The #1, #2, ,#3#x at the end of the image name allows you to click on the x-th match.

So to click/find the 10th button from top, use

XClickRelative | image_dpi_96.png@0.75#10

Ahhhhhhhhhh this might do it. I wasn’t aware of the # addition.