Scroll log to bottom of page while running macro

I want to keep the log focused on the current commands as they happen so that the scroll bar remains at the very bottom of the log page during execution… As of now when I run a long macro, or a looping macro that plays beyond the log’s size limit, the log will automatically scroll up the page as commands are completed which makes the displayed information useless showing only actions that were completed several minutes earlier. For me, it would be really helpful to see the current actions as they are added to the bottom of the log (without needing to manually scroll repeatedly using my mouse). I mean, doing that manually while my macros are running defeats the whole point of this “automation” so there must be a way to automate that detail, too?

Does anyone else have this issue? I usually run my macros with Firefox, but I think this is also an issue when I use Chrome. So for both browsers: Is there a way to keep the log focused at the bottom while running a macro, so that the most recent actions are always displayed?

Thanks for all you do!


Agree! => Added to our todo list.

As a workaround for now, you can use the following command to delete the log:

LocalStorageExport | log | #DeleteAfterExport