Script running way too fast after update

Hi guys! I am using UI.Vision to do some data entry for my job.

Until a couple of hours it was working flawlessly but after the update it went crazy.

The scripts now run way too fast, skip steps and fails to do what it has to do.

I am using Oracle Virtual machine with 2 virtual pc’s running windows 7 and Chrome.

In one of them (PC2) Chrome got the update and encoutered the issue.
In PC1 it didnt yet get the update and was working fine. When PC1 got the update it went the same as PC2.

Try’d uninstalling the extension and reinstall. It did nothing.
Changed the interval speed, same. No change.

Any ideas or workarounds?

You can set the replay speed to slow, does this help?

Settings > Replay > Command Interval

Nope. I already try’d. Also try’d reinstalling.

Strange. Can you post a screen video of the situation?

Sure will do.
Meanwhile I migrated to Firefox to check if the problem persist. Same results.
Script running way too fast, also missing clicks on file upload button (id=file).

Rolled back to version 5.8.8 on Firefox. Script runs at normal speed now.

That is definitely not on the slow command interval. Put store | SLOW | !replayspeed at the beginning of your macro, not just in the settings to see if it works then

Yup.That solves the issue.

Altought I added some pauses to the script and now it works while running at full crazy speed.