Script run does not pass first step (waiting 0 / 10s)

I have recorded a script to click through some website links but it never passes the first step when I run it2018-10-22_13-05-48

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Hi! What kind of error message do you get?

There is no error. The script just doesn’t run and stays on the screenshot above.

Hmm… that sounds like a bug. What version of Windows are you using?

Windows Server 2012 R2 x64

Exit and reopen SeeShell. Often times this happens to me and once I relaunch (and at times reboot the computer) it seems to work. Same goes for ClickRelative behavior. I have to reopen SeeShell so much I created a bat file to kill the process. You might find that useful, if so just create a text file and put the below and rename the file what you want as long as the file name ends with .bat for example test.bat
taskkill /IM seeshell.exe /f

You could even add another line to start SeeShell again if you wanted.

i am facing the same issue… it doesnt proceeds …any solution ??