Screenshot google search with conditions

Hello, How can I screenshot google search with conditions like some searches have 3 pages but some have fewer results than that which will show for only 1-page search result, the longest length I need to search, screenshot and paste in sheets is 3 pages

The process is to

  1. copy text from a website
  2. search in google
  3. screenshot search result (up to 3 pages)
  4. paste in google sheet

Right now I can search for 1 page and screenshot what not sure what to do about these conditions when it has more than 1 page or some have 2 pages etc. Is there any if a function that it can decide if the search result has only 1 page it finishes but if it has more than 1, it goes on till page 3

Thank you

Your process is bad, great process is search and save in csv the searches, more fast and totally aitomated.

After you can read the csv with the job done

I already created similar macro

Remeber google search after more search can show recaptcha to block automation, in this cae you need advanced code to manage recaptcha.

can you please suggest with more details? I’m very new to Ui Vision not sure what commands or steps should be utilized