Scraping LinkedIn for Only Total Value of Search Results e.g "300 people"

Hello everyone,

I am interested in scraping one piece of info from LinkedIn. How many people are within a particular search, e.g “300 people”

When you search for people in LinkedIn, for example, “pharmacists” that work in “Johns Hopkins Hospital” the results page will show you all the pharmacists that work there, but also the total number of results. I am interested in the total number only.

When I use your record function and click on the search results element, Kantu says the value should be “Target”: “//*[@id=“ember41”]/div/h3”

I have not been able to store the value using every variation of “store” on Kantu.

It seems to always be “41” when I inspect it or collect it via the record function. Although I think it may be a dynamic ID. In the forum, I read about using common characteristics in the ID, but everything is ember(number)…

When I inspect the element it returns

So I tried the below using every variation of “store” function:

“Command”: “storeValue”,
“Target”: “”,
“Value”: “”

The response was "timeout reached when looking for element ‘’ or simple “nothing to save” after I try to save to CSV

I tried on Selenium and it seemed to work using StoreWindowHandle for ‘’ but I have no idea as I have no idea how to export results to a readable format with selenium (unlike Kantu with saveCSV).

Is there a way to do this on the current Kantu?

Thank you!

As a test, if you use the “Find” button, does it work in the storeValue | line?