Scheduling Kantu Tasks to Run Automatically

I want to have tasks in Kantu run at scheduled times. Is there an edition of Kantu that can handle this or is there you have a recommended method to achieve this? I am a Mac User.

On Windows, you can do this with the Kantu command line and the Windows task scheduler. For Mac, is there a task scheduler equivalent?

Mac has Automator. Does the Kantu enterprise version have scheduling?

Hi! Kantu team here. For a general list of task scheduling options on the Mac see

The Kantu XModules Enterprise Edition does not have a built-in scheduler yet, but we can create one for you. This can be either done with one of the existing scheduling options on the Mac, or by adding it as a feature directly to Kantu (it depends on your use case). This is service is part of the included premium support that comes with the Enterprise Edition (so no additional cost).