Scheduled macro with an image does not click the image

Relatively new to UI Vision. I created a macro that works fine when I manually run it.

Our goal is to schedule the macro to run at 5 AM on a desktop that is always turned on. We do this with a number of other macros (not UI Vision) and they all run without any issues.

This UI Vision macro fails each time it tries to click on an image (to choose a file). Confidence is set to 0.65.

I have it set up to send myself an email if the macro fails for any reason. Each time this happens, I remote into the desktop and manually kick it off, it runs as expected.

I’m not sure why the macro doesn’t work at 5 AM when it is scheduled but the same code works when I manually kick it off.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help…

Is the desktop screen locked? That could be the problem if the macro works when run otherwise.

The desktop is locked at 5 AM in the morning when this macro is supposed to run. Thanks. I’m going to look into programmatically unlocking it…Appreciate the help