Saving to hard drive doesn't save alternative locators

Not sure if this is intentional or not. I recorded to the browser storage and noticed it saved alternative locators. However, when I tried recording the same page w/ local storage, it would only save the dynamic ID. Chrome extension.

Edit: I disabled and re-enabled the option and it started saving them. Weird…

Edit2: and then I tried to record a second one and it stopped saving them again. So I went and unclicked and clicked it again, continued the recording, and it was now saving them. Definitely some kind of bug.

Edit4: OK, so when I record it, it saves them. They are visible both in drop down and JSON view. I play the macro back to check functionality and they vanish when I check the source code again. Is this intended behavior? Some kind of bug? Seems very strange because the ones that are in browser storage that I use still contain the alternative locators.