Saving the log file with a path from a command line doesn't seem to work

Hey guys,

I’m automating my macros from a command line and I’m saving the log file to determine whether the macro completed successfully. So far it was working fine, but the log download in Chrome would glitch from time to time.

From the docs I read: “New with V8.1.3: The &savelog= parameter supports full paths now, e.g. savelog=c:/test/log.txt. If a full path is detected the log is saved directly (instead of triggering a download). This is faster and more reliable.”

So I did just that and instead of “savelog=log_06-15-2023_09_36_12.txt”, I wrote the command as “savelog=C:/Users/PC01/Desktop/uivision/logs/log_06-15-2023_09_45_00.txt”

However, this doesn’t save the log where I pointed it, but it still puts it in the Downloads folder of Chrome and the file name is “C__Users_PC01_Desktop_uivision_logs_log_06-15-2023_09_45_00.txt”

So seems like the RPA doesn’t detect the path as a path and thinks it’s a simple filename and proceeds as such.

Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a bug. I’m using version 8.3.6 with the latest XModules and having the macros on the hard drive.


Hi, this line works for me: "&savelog=c:/tmp/test123.txt"

Still doesn’t work here :frowning: I’m on Windows 10. Would that make a difference if you’re perhaps on 11 or on linux?

Here’s exactly the command I used:

"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome.exe" "file:///c:/users/pc01/desktop/uivision/\users\pc01\desktop\uivision\macros\sooom&direct=1&closeRPA=0&closeBrowser=0&savelog=c:/tmp/test123.txt"

And the result is that the tmp folder is empty, and there’s a txt file called “c_tmp_test123” in my Downloads folder:

Is there anything I can do to help you debug?

Sir? Any advice?

I stumbled across this thread while searching for something else. I see it’s been awhile since this question was asked, but I also see there was no solution provided.

In case anyone else ends up here like I did, the important thing to realize about using full log file paths is that it must all be in lowercase. Your log filename can be capitalized, however.

For example, the following will not work:

href="\test1.json&cmd_var1=abcd&cmd_var2=9876">Click here</a>

But, this way will work:

href="\test1.json&cmd_var1=abcd&cmd_var2=9876">Click here</a>

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